A new breed of founders using data to help the planet (and their backers)

  • Increasing awareness around sustainability & climate change — both at the consumer and business level 🌏
  • Regulatory and socio-political pressure towards transparency in reporting and reductions in carbon emissions (examples: 1, 2 and 3) ⚖️
  • Increasing investor interest, with a bunch of awesome new funds raising hundreds of millions around the topic (See list below) 💸

1. Climate Tech Software Startups

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1.1. Carbon Offsetting — Consumer

  • Aerial, Enfuce, CoGo, Minimum, Yayzy, Joro, Ecolytiq: building real-time carbon footprint tracking apps that link to users’ bank accounts to make tracking and offsetting seamless.
  • Capture Club, offCents: Using GPS to automatically calculate anyone’s travel CO2 footprint and offering personal plans for offsetting it.

1.2. Carbon Offsetting — Business

  • Measurabl, Nossa Data, Metrio: helping companies measure, manage, and disclose their ESG performance.
  • Planetly, SINAI, Emitwise, Normative, CarbonChain, Watershed: building software platforms to analyse any company’s carbon footprint, reduce their carbon emissions and compensate for what cannot be avoided.
  • Cervest: a real-time, climate forecasting platform to help decision makers manage risk and inform policy by predicting how changes in the climate will impact the future of entire countries, right down to individual landscapes anywhere in the world.
  • Pachama, Puro: building marketplaces where companies can support carbon-offsetting projects through investment.
  • Patch, Cloverly, Sylvera, Puro, Nori, Chooose: building APIs and integrations that connect with businesses to calculate their emissions and offset their carbon footprint by purchasing negative emissions from carbon removal projects.
  • ClimateView, Zellar: providing software platforms for cities, governments and businesses to become carbon neutral.

1.3. Sustainable Neobanks

  • Aspiration, Good Money, Bunq, Tomorrow, Doconomy, Novus: Digital banking platforms that provide banking and financial services oriented towards helping the environment and society.
  • Treecard: A free, wooden payment card that reforests the planet with users’ everyday spending.

1.4. Materials / Supply Chain Intelligence

  • Ecovadis, Worldfavor, Circular IQ: Sustainability platforms to drive transparency and sustainability in every step of a company’s value chain.
  • Material Exchanage, SupplyCompass, Halo, CarbonCloud, Contreeb: Helping brands (e.g. fashion, food, etc.) source or manage sustainable materials by facilitating the calculation and communication of the climate footprints of materials / products at scale.
  • Everledger, Bext360, Minespider, Ripe.io, Provenance: Blockchain-based platforms / digital passports for companies to keep track of where their raw materials come from and how they were produced.
  • alcemy: Software for predictive quality control, enabling costs and carbon savings in the production of cement and concrete.
  • Tracks: Helping businesses optimise their fleet operations towards fuel efficiency and supply chain transparency.

1.5. Investment Platforms / Data Services

  • Clarity, OpenInvest, Util, YvesBlue: data services providing investors with comprehensive tools to understand and optimise the environmental impact of their investment portfolios.
  • Abundance, Clim8 Invest, Yova, Tickr, Proof Of Impact: Offering consumers simple ways to invest in sustainable portfolios of carefully selected companies already making a positive impact on climate change.
  • Matter: building a new standard for companies’ pension investments, ensuring their employees’ money is invested with high concern for people and the planet.

1.6. Growing Money on Trees

  • Treedom, Treemendo, Mossy Earth: Online platforms where anyone can have someone plant a tree for them and then follow it online.
  • Ecosia: A search engine (Chrome extension) with a twist: using profits to plant trees.
  • TreeApp, Refoorest: Allowing consumers to plant trees for free, in exchange for interacting with their sponsors (e.g. reading websites, ads or answering mini-surveys).

2. Climate Tech Software Investors

2.1. Generalist VCs

2.2. Impact VCs

2.3. Climate Tech VCs



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